Nico Burger Game


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Another great Japanese balance game for friends and all the family now, the Nico Burger Game can be played by up six people and looks as cute as it is fun to play. You will first find the wide selection of “slices”: Buns, lettuce, bacon, egg, meat, cheese, onions and so on!

Then shuffle and place the cards (the “food orders”) in a pile. Depending on what the menu is on the card you take from the top, you then have to stack the “tower” up with the bread, meat, lettuce and other pieces.

As this burger gets higher and higher, it gets harder and harder to add more to the top. How good are you are grilling and preparing the fast food?! It takes a genius architect to balance all the pieces in the tower. Take a look at these cute yong girls to see how much fun this game is!

There are also other games you can play, such as a speed game where you deal yourself and your partner three random cards each and then seeing who can finish making the three mini towers first. Or you can even play a kind of burger checkers!

The Nico Burger Game features:

For up to 6 players
36 pieces
Also includes board, cards (x 20)
Recommended for ages 6 and up

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