Yura Yura Petit Cafe


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This game is actually a game collection. It hosts 4 games and 2 additional variants for one of them.

1.Yura Yura Balance Café
This is the main game the components can be played with. You have a stack of cards that represent coffee orders, several coffee “ingredients” and a playing area, which is a tablet on a dome shaped foot. The name part “balance” comes from the way it’s played. You draw a card from the deck which tells you, if you need to place a straight coffee, a coffee-to-go, a Milk Coffee or one of the 2 Macchiato versions on the tablet. There is a grid on said tablet to determine the places where you can, but on a coffee to go you can stack another coffee if you like. Whoever tips the tablet over loses. Besides the usual red cards, there are also green ones in the deck. These give you the opportunity to order somebody else to place the coffee (with a green cup), of course on their own risk.

2.Speed Order Café
This speed game needs at least 2 baristas and 1 customer. The customer shuffles the deck of cards and pulls 5 into her hand. She than reads them aloud to the baristas. After all 5 orders are read the customer gives the start sign, and all baristas start to assemble the coffees in order. Whoever is fastest stops the game. If she is correct on all coffees she wins, otherwise the win goes to the next most complete and errorless contender.

3.Black and Milk Reversi
This is just Othello played with the components of the game.

4.Coffee Cup Tower
This is a stacking game were 2 or more players (Variant A/B) are stacking Black Coffee cups and Coffee-To-Go’s as high as possible. The variants are differentiated by the footprint of the initial layer. First Player to tip the tower loses.

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